J. Goodson Dodd was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He has often remarked that he showed a particular aptitude creative storytelling and invention. At the age of twelve with the aid of a childhood friend he produced his first short film and continued to write screenplays throughout highschool, producing them on a shoestring budget with a small cabal of close friends. While attending college at the University of Houston he steered his focus toward prose work. He eventually graduated with a degree in English Literature with a minor concentration in history.

His first novel, “A Dark Tomorrow,” was published in January of 2009 after spending a solid month in seclusion following a self-proclaimed personal crisis following an explosion of overwrought relationship drama. In retrospect he feels such a description is a gross overstatement of the severity of the situation.

He followed up with his sophomore effort “The Song Before Nightfall” in July of 2011, a fantasy novel in the vein of his major influences such as Robert E. Howard. Later that year he published his third novel as part of the NaNoWriMo initiative entitled “Grave Danger” which served as a deconstruction of the vampire noir genre.

2015 saw the release of “One Fate for Failure,” the first in a series of novels featuring Madeline McCallister, a CIA operative caught up in a massive global conspiracy. Dodd has announced that the series will likely be a contained trilogy.