Third Planet Signing – January 18, 2014

Signing with Fabian Rangel Jr at Third Planet

Signing with Fabian Rangel Jr at Third Planet

This past Saturday I returned to my old stomping grounds to sell and sign some books next to Fabian Rangel Jr, a fantastic up and coming writer in the comics world from Corpus Christi, Texas. He’s the writer on such amazing graphic work as Doc Unknown, Los Muertos and Boss Snake. He is currently writing backup stories for the Image Comics series Five Ghosts and gathering rave reviews in the process. If you’re a fan of fun pulpy goodness, I recommend you check his stuff out on Comixology or try to catch him at the upcoming STAPLE show in Austin in a few weeks time.

I probably had more fun at this signing than I have had in a very long time. The folks at the store are like family to me by now. The manager, Alva, and I run the Pop and Schlock Podcast together and helpful store clerk Dusty is the nicest guy you will ever possibly meet and most definitely the most well-read comics fan I’ve ever encountered. He’s like a walking encyclopedia of comics knowledge.

Big thanks to TJ, Alva, Dusty, and Jim at the store for fascilitating the signing and to Fabian for being such great company. Also thanks to everyone in the local community who showed up to support the signing and the cool group of dudes and ladyfolk who hosted an amazing after-party with just the perfect amount of cats and kidney pie. You guys rock. (Even Meredith, who is a horrible human being who likes to start ruckus on Twitter for no good reason except to make children cry)

I will likely be appearing at the store again later this year, hopefully with No Fate For Failure in my hands. Details will become available when I have them.



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