Space City Con – Galveston, TX – January 2014


Well, I know I’ve let this blog lapse into a bit of neglect. Let’s go ahead and get that out of the way right now. I apologize up front for not keeping people in the loop with regards to my utterly fascinating and always spectacularly thrilling exploits. In reality I have just been in transition from my previous job at Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore in Houston to a new day job elsewhere. It has been a stressful transition, managing the hustle and bustle of holiday retail work at the store and balancing that with all of the necessary work I I had to plow through with regards to the human resources needs of my new employer. I’m happy how things are going for me right now, but I exhausted is not a big enough word to describe my condition.

But despite all that, I did manage to make it to Space City Con down in Galveston this weekend. I had a great time and I would like to thank everyone who bought a book or signed up for the newsletter for No Fate For Failure. I did manage to work on that book a little more in what small amount of downtime I got at the convention and hopefully you’ll be receiving exciting news about the completion of that project before summer hits us this year.

The con itself was a different experience than I have had with some other conventions. I don’t want to be too negative but I believe it was poorly timed for attendees, which in turn means it was poorly timed for the exhibitors. Hopefully they will be able to work on this issue before the next one rolls around because I would like to attend again, this time with several copies of No Fate For Failure stacked up on the table.

Consider this my happy new year post. I think this year will be exciting for a myriad number of reasons. There WILL be a new book this year, the time of release is the only debatable factor at this point. And the Pop and Schlock Podcast that I started in Q4 of last year is going to expand by leaps and bounds as well. I hope you people like me because you will be seeing a great deal of me in 2014.

All the best,


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