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batwoman2One of the few artistically creative and consistent books that DC publishes is getting a creative change-up. Multiple sources are reporting that JH Willams will be exiting Batwoman following issue 26 due to creative differences with DC editorial over what they would be allowed to do in regards to story beats surrounding a possible wedding between Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer. The creative team posted a statement explaining their reasons for leaving the title;

“Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married. All of these editorial decisions…

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