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rtnqncheadI am an unabashed fan of Greg Rucka. His comics work is peerless and his novels are some of my favorites. I’ve met him more than a few times, he’s signed countless books for me while I’ve gushed over his character work and picked his brain for writing tips. He’s one of the most honest writers you could ever hope to encounter as well as one of the most gracious. His perceived masterwork is Queen and Country, a comic series from Oni Press supplemented by a trio of prose novels following the hard-boiled covert operative Tara Chase. It because of Queen and Country that Rucka receives much of his praise for writing strong, fully-developed female characters that are such a rarity in not just comics but all forms of media. The book has been in a cycle of development hell at Fox studios since 2005.

Yesterday news broke that Ellen…

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