Latin Fusion – Why The Right Wing Is Justifiably Scared

I promise that I’m not turning into some blogging politico, this just happened to come up today and I felt like putting it out there because it is an important social question with regards to the future of the American political landscape. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. I’m sure some of the Republican readers might want a trigger warning on this particular post. I’m not trying to ambush anybody personally but this post does have a number of references to my reasons for disliking the GOP on a whole, even though I do have some more conservative leanings on certain issues. I don’t think anyone with as many handguns in their home as I do can ever register as a democrat. There are probably laws. I don’t know. I’m just spitballing.

Anyhow, onto the post.

Gail Simone asked a question on Tumblr re: the right-wing response to Latino turnout in the election this year:

Okay, I am sure I’m just being naive…but something in the Republican narrative strikes me as a little weird.

From the numbers I’ve seen, most of the polling says that other than straight white people, most voting groups skewed towards Obama. Bit of a simplification but black people, Asian people, Latino people, and lgbt people, for example, all leaned towards re-electing the president.

Yet in the narrative of the Republican loss, all they talk about is Latino voters. You see over and over how crucial Latino voters were to Romney’s loss.

Okay, fine, that’s fair. But all these other groups also skewed heavily towards the President. Why are Latinos the only group being talked about?

In some cases, it seems almost like scapegoating, which fits in with the continual narrative that illegal immigrants want to take all our Milk-duds or whatever. Not only are they coming over the border illegally, but even registered Latino voters are siding against Republican values, blah blah blah.

In other cases, it seems more that they are attempting to court the Latino vote, but that seems a little more rare, and this seems a very strange way to go about it.

My question is, what’s the message here…why are Latinos being pointed at as THE cause of the Republican losses, when all these other groups, with their very large populations in swing states and key areas, ALSO voted Democrat by majority?

I feel like I’m missing something…but it seems to be a mix of trying to make some groups less visible and less important, while throwing blame on one particular group.

I know there’s a strategy here, the message is just too consistent, it comes down word for word from the key Conservatives. But I don’t see what it actually IS.

What do you guys think, am I completely misjudging, here?

To which my reply is;

I think what you are saying is accurate. They are at the same time saying that Latinos are responsible for Obama’s election painting them as the enemy of the GOP while also hinting that they are a major factor that needs to be enticed to their cause without explicitly stating as much. They won’t mention the black vote because tying that to Obama makes them sound racist. They won’t mention the LGBT community because they don’t think of them as people.

The GOP is killing itself. They know they don’t have enough of the country to maintain power and that younger generations and ethnic groups that the republicans have shamed and talked down to for decades simply will not be won over by their rhetoric. They are in panic mode right now and they are looking for a scapegoat as a talking point.

I live in Texas, which swings red pretty heavily. But by the next election there will be a flood of young Latino voters who have been slapped down by the republicans since the day they were born who will probably spin the state on its own axis and turn it blue when the election results come in. If not in 2016 then definitely by 2020. The republicans cannot continue to be the furiously anti-female, anti-ethnic, anti-LGBT group they represent at present and continue to win elections.

I consider myself socially liberal but fiscally conservative. There are some republicans who don’t fit the mold I’ve mentioned above the same way that there are scum-sucking democrats. I don’t want to generalize but if you look at the Republican party as it defined itself this election cycle, their candidates embodied the spirit of ignorance and sometimes pure hate.

A change in the political winds is coming. Everyone can see it. Even the republicans. How the landscape will eventually settle is anyone’s guess. But the current republican party is going to see itself splintered into the more extreme far-right members and those who know that they can’t say that 47% of the country can go to hell and that rape is a blessing from Jesus.


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