Book Review – Patriot Acts by Greg Rucka

Patriot Acts is a damn fine novel that has one truly fatal flaw; that ending. I won’t spoil it, but to suffice to say that all the buildup that Rucka does over the course of the novel fizzles with anticlimax the way I have never truly experienced before. I understand the reasoning behind it. I do not think that it worked. Everything leading up to that point however is some of the best action-thriller writing I have ever absorbed. Rucka turns Atticus Kodiak into something completely different with Patriot Acts and by extension the series morphs into something new as well. The story structure seems different in many ways, although Rucka’s form of breaking the book into sections that started with “Shooting at Midnight” remains intact.

The pacing, the plotting, and the narrative are all solid. There is some feeling of nagging questions lingering above your head as a reader at certain times with regard to where other characters have gone or how they are reacting to the progression of Atticus’ story when they had been pretty integral supporting pieces earlier in the series but Rucka’s focus on Atticus and only Atticus gives the book a real sense of definition, though some might not be too happy about what that definition is.


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