Austin Comic Con 2012

Booth 2300

Hey everyone, I do apologize for the lack of updates as of late but things have been crazier than usual. I had a surprising amount of preparation to do in order to get ready for Austin Comic Con this past weekend. I had to get some more copies of “A Dark Tomorrow” from the printer so I would have enough of those to bring for everybody, as we unloaded a lot of those last year. I also spent a good chunk of my time getting the digital archive printed and ready for the trip. Combine that with some recent financial upheaval (all sorted out now, but a pain at the time), plotting and outlining for NaNoWriMo next month and all other hassles that come with waking up each morning, and I just haven’t had much time to drop in and update here as much as I would like.

So let’s just agree to start fresh and I will try to keep this page running at a better clip, even if I only post an interesting photo I took that day or a short review of a film that I watched when I couldn’t sleep.

I’ll begin by thanking anyone who is visiting this page because they took a business card from my booth at the convention. Welcome, new friends! I promise my books are better written than this blog. I tend to ramble here more than I do when I’m conducting actual prose narratives. This is mostly just my mind vomiting into the internet. I blog about important things that happen to me from time to time just so I can remember them down the line when my brain begins to devolve into liquified cabbage from the years I have spent giving myself brain damage through voluntary and involuntary means. To those of you who purchased a novel from the booth, you are amazing people and I thank you for supporting the literary arts since most people would rather watch Jersey Shore than ever have to put some effort into doing something for their enjoyment. Coincidentally, a cast member from Jersey Shore was at the convention and as I walked by I noticed that there was only one person in line to see him while Patrick Stewart’s line looked like what you would expect the line to get the cure for AIDS might look like.

I suppose I should talk a little bit about how much I enjoyed the convention, because I most certainly did. It was the first convention for my girlfriend who also did her very first cosplay (Black Canary, for those wondering) and considering how much bigger the convention seemed in comparison to last year I can understand her feelings of being somewhat overwhelmed. I’ve been going to Wizard’s Texas based conventions since 2006 back when it was still based in Dallas. I’ve only been exhibiting my books since they moved the location to Austin because Austin is a wonderful town filled with amazing well-read people and I feel like it is a great place to visit and so I make sure I do at least once a year. The convention just gives me a wonderful excuse.

I can say that I enjoyed myself far more than I did last year. For one thing, Artist Alley was more spacious and so I was able to spread out a little better and didn’t feel so damned cramped. Last year I was afraid I would push my chair back to go to the restroom and knock over Joe Eisma’s backdrop. I like Joe and wouldn’t want to inconvenience him like that. He was nice enough to draw my outrageous commission of Jubilee eating chips and queso this year and deserves to be counted among the best working artists in the comic industry today. Though I was stuck at my booth most of the convention I managed to stop by his booth a few times to stop and chat. They had him in a nice little cluster with Rob Guillory (Chew), Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), and Jim Cheung (Young Avengers) so it was basically a row of some of the coolest and most talented artists you could ever hope to meet in one place.

Another nice little treat was getting to talk to Matt Sturges again. I just finished his first book Midwinter which I had him sign for me and was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the first issue of his new comic Public Relations which looks to be every bit as good as the premise suggests. If you guys read comics at all, and are tired of the same old recycled stories, I would recommend this book with zero reservations. Those of you who know Sturges from his work on Jack of Fables will find much to enjoy here. He seems to like not being restrained by a shared universe or editorial mandate and I would argue this could be the best comic work he’s ever put out. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and the inks and colors bring it to life in a way that I imagine will look simply stunning when it goes to publication.

The last day of the convention was essentially a networking explosion. Did an interview for Boogie Bot Monthly which should go up sometime soon. Also talked to some of the folks who organize¬†Comicpalooza here in Houston, which is one of the cons I’ll be setting up a booth for. Also talked to some fellow fantasy writers and if things go well I might end up writing some material for an anthology they have in the works. All in all, it was an exciting and busy weekend.

Once again, thanks to everyone who showed up and bought a book. If you missed out you can always purchase the books on Amazon. I’ll be doing several con appearances in 2013 as well, so you can feel free to get anything you buy off the web signed if you see me down the road. Honestly, I’ll sign things that aren’t even mine if you’re willing to chat with me for a little while. I’m a friendly guy.


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