Happy Birthday, Baby


I Made You A Cake But I Eated It…

So today was my beautiful girlfriend’s birthday. I got her a cookie cake. We went to hobby lobby and bought a bunch of things to craft because it was too damned hot to go outside and have a picnic like we wanted to. I swear, Texas summer is what hell must be like. Anything hotter and reality itself will melt. But I digress…

There was some drama with her parents. Things got emotional. That doesn’t really matter right now. I just wanted to put up this picture of her looking ever so happy and showing the world how much she means to me. She’s the sort of girl I’ve wanted my whole life and I’m desperately lucky to have her. You may not care. I don’t expect anybody to care. I care enough for the both of us. What this post is, to me at least, is a reminder of how happy two people can be together. I’ve been with her nearly six months now. That may not seem like long to some people but to me it’s a huge milestone. I’ve had some horrible relationships in my past. Soul crushing ones. I didn’t think I was ever going to not be a lonely heart. That’s sappy, I know. But my girl is special to me. If you’re lucky enough to feel the same way about someone, please be sure to give them a hug tonight and let them know. Never stop letting them know you care that they care about you.

I love her with all of my heart. I hope everybody gets to experience the happiness we have. I know I’m a better person for having known her. She has made me better. I know that if I had met her any sooner than I did she may not have loved me the way she did. I had to go through a lot to be the man she deserved. I’m still trying to be good enough for her. She’s helping.

Sorry for being overly sensitive. It’s just one of those days.



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