Hello Folks

Hello. I am J. Goodson Dodd, author of self-published novels of questionable quality. This is my blog. I intend to use this in a multiple pronged manner wherein I detail my goings-on in the world of publishing as well as chronicle the day-to-day doings of my life so that in five years time I will be able to reflect on my life and gain some sort of perspective. I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch earlier in the day on some occasions and therefore a somewhat comprehensive journal of my exploits may very well prove useful when my brain starts to deteriorate further. I’m only 25 years of age and yet my memory is just as spotty as my father, the stroke victim who sometimes mixes up my name with the cat’s.

That’s all I have to say for the moment. Hopefully the entries will get more entertaining as the days go by. I am going to do my best NOT to censor myself and keep this blog as honest as possible. I don’t expect it to keep to any regular update schedule because sometimes my days are really boring and I’m not sure anyone, even my biggest fan in the world, wants to read about how I watched several episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix while consuming numerous unhealthy snack foods. That happens more often than I would like to admit and I would hate to look back on this blog and be reminded of my less admirable living patterns.

So, when I next post I will try to make it worth your while. I take that duty as a writer quite seriously. It is in the interest of keeping you entertained that you probably should disregard this whole post. I’m sure you hate yourself a little bit for reading it and hate me much more for writing it. Please know that I share your pain and will admonish myself quite harshly later.




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